Dave Arnold is an eclectic multi media artist utilising
screen / mono printing, painting,
writing, photography, film, sculpture, performance,
acting, music and poetry in his work.
Dave has been involved in the underground/ outsider scene
of the Arts since his first punk band in 1978 and the debut
release of his own Dead Hippy label in 1980 and
Dead Happy Records
label in 1982.
Dave also formed his own publishing and performance collective Happy House in 1992, which led to the formation of his present Arts
umbrella organisation Vibezone in 2000. An idiosyncratic and enigmatic figure Dave was part of a worldwide network scene of
Indie Tape and Mail Art entrepreneurs long before
The Web became the thing of today.
His many solo, collaborative and band ventures
have been featured on television, radio and with record
labels and art groups across Europe and
the world. Always one to push the boundaries his
energetic approach to his ventures have seen the
collation of a vast and diverse catalogue of work.



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