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This CD is a mix of collaborations between: Keith Rodway (The Magic Dragon, Drug Pigs, Good Missionaries),
Amanda Thompson (The Magic Dragon, Drug Pigs, Bo & Luke), Dave Arnold (Inner Trance, Turn Blue, The Starkman, The Vibeman),
Kevin Vincett (Inner Trance, Body Beat, Vinyl Solution), Dave Kent (Frank Flood, The Cast, DDK, The Magic Dragon).

The Magic Dragon have collaborated with a variety of artists: Steve Cragg (Tibetan Horn, with Phil Thornton), Mick Hutchinson (A=MH2, Clark Hutchinson).
A collaborative CD album Ecclecticus, with guitar legend Mick Hutchinson was recently released by Chrome Dreams.

B L Underwood (John Peel favourite and 3rd member of The Cuban Boys), in addition to working within The Magic Dragon,
has enjoyed success with many remix projects, including The Cuban Boys, Gary Numan and Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

Dead Happy Records and Vibezone label mainman and singer Dave Arnold has been featured on many
collaborative projects worldwide and has an eclectic mix of releases on his labels.

Kevin Vincett has enjoyed success with his various projects on The Vinyl Solution label and has worked with
Nic Coler (KLF), Andy Boucher (Beats International) and Gnasher (Frankie Goes To Hollywood).

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